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I count my days now by how many days Los Angeles has been occupied. 15. I’m never sure of the day or date, but Day 15, that I know.
Day 15 in Los Angeles marks a global day of protest. Against the banksters who have been robbing us blind, the politicians who’ve been bought by them and police that they use as the means to keeping the people in check. Who would of thought, huh? The prevailing wisdom was that America was too comfortable, too sedated — by hard work, too much TV and unhealthy food. And then, in an instant, boom! Hundreds of cities get occupied. Fuck, I like surprises! Tired of a representative government that is anything but, we’ve started working on a new system, based on consensus. Who knows what we need more than us? I’ve met people who’ve given up their homes, their part-time, underpaid jobs and the little time they had for family and friends to take a more active role in their lives and their government. When I got here 2 weeks ago, there were 30 tents up, today it’s over 300. And getting larger every day. It’s going to take awhile to figure it out — but that’s fine, we have plenty of time.
We’re not going anywhere.