Kramer O'Neill

About Kramer O'Neill

Kramer O'Neill has animated graphics and edited video for many television programs and consumer products, some of which you may have seen or used. He has also taken a lot of pictures and made a lot of printed things, for himself and for others. At the moment he is living the immigrant experience in Paris, France.

Projects & Collaborations:

Strangelives in London

10:02 17/04/2015

///////// DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE  !!!! //////////// DOWNLOAD PRESS RELEASE  !!!! //////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////// BUY A PRINT////////////////////// BUY A PRINT///////////////////////////////////////////////////// In The Night

18:09 29/10/2013


14:35 21/05/2012

Occupy Strangers Vol 5

19:55 26/10/2011


08:31 06/07/2010