Jeanette O'Keefe

About Jeanette O'Keefe

Jeanette lives and works in her native New York City. Having spent too much time in Manhattan, she enjoys visiting lands with different cultures, such as Brooklyn and Staten Island. She is currently learning Russian, which continues to twist her mind.

Projects & Collaborations:

Stereoscope Vision

10:14 01/02/2011

James Turnley is a photographer, designer, and editor. Originally from Westchester, he is now living and working in New York City.

James’ photographs capture life’s simple pleasures – a nap in the park, a dog in the woods, a party with friends. They are fresh, clean and have a youthful energy. His online portfolios leave me craving more. The series Stereoscope Vision, a selection of his multi exposure photographs, includes images of classic movies with a twist. They are familiar faces in familiar scenes, doubled, tripled, and blurred.

James is also creator of Two for the Road, a blog exploring similarities between different images. He invites viewers to submit photographs into a group on Flickr, and ultimately curates these submissions into pairs. James’ visual duos can be abstract or funny. They are always interesting and thoughtful comparisons.