Alex Crétey Systermans

About Alex Crétey Systermans

Fine art and editorial photographer based in Paris. Graduated artist from Villa Arson Nice. Alex's photography has been featured a lot online, in several group shows worldwide and in five solo shows in France.
He's represented in London by Swerve Represents and in Paris by Interlinks Image
Alex is a frequent traveler. He has worked for the New-York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Telegraph, AFAR, National Geographic, Le Monde, Le Point, L'Express, among other prestigious clients. He's always available for a drink and a good talk.
twitter: @alexcretey

Projects & Collaborations:

Strangelives in London

10:02 17/04/2015

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Christmas everyday

21:16 17/07/2014 In The Night

18:09 29/10/2013


09:16 21/09/2013

Sometimes a Piece of Sun

20:02 08/04/2013

“Sometimes a Piece of Sun” -Pablo Neruda