Strange.rs is an international photography collective. We are a group of artists and creative professionals that are united in supporting one another as well as the greater creative community. Founded in 2010, the Strange.r members collaborate on a variety of projects including short stories, extended photo essays, and multi-layered projects. By weaving individual members’ photos into more complex depictions, we present unique, one of a kind, narratives showing the subtle strangeness hidden behind everyday reality. With the collectives’ strength in numbers and geography, we are able to present narratives that would otherwise be impossible for any one person.

The strange – The stranger – The Strange.rs

Membership – The Strange.rs Collective is currently not taking new members, however, we always seek new and inspiring photographs and ways of presenting them. If you are interested in collaborating or would like additional information about Strange.rs, please contact any current member. Work shown on the website may be from departed members. Nevertheless, while the Strange.rs’ membership evolves, we remain a tight-knit, strange family.

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